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Where are Ravon VoIP products available?

Ravon Business Digital Voice products are available in the US and Canada. Please contact us to verify availability in your area.

When should you consider switching to a business digital phone service?

Common reasons why businesses switch to a business digital phone service include:

>  When your business outgrows your current telephone system.

>  When you want to save on long distance charges.

>  When your existing telephone system lease is up for renewal.

>  When you are tired of slow response times and high service charges for changes to your existing service.

What are some of the advantages of a business digital phone service?

In short, you can communicate your own terms.  Low cost queues allow you to establish call patterns that follow workflow routines.

>  Extend customer service hours by routing calls to different time zones.

>  Establish priority treatment for your top tier customers.

>  Route calls to skilled employees.

>  Provide workers at home with the full power of your office communications network.

>  Save on real estate costs by allowing customer service workers to connect from home.

>  Hire remote employees in regions with attractive labor rates.

>  Link offices across the country, or across the world on the same IP PBX

>  Simplified dialing and presence detection between locations.

How do Ravon's Business VoIP products help reduce costs?

Our VoIP products help control costs in many areas:

>  Reduced costs for moves, adds, and changes.  Due to the inherent mobility of IP phones, users can easily move phones around their registered location without reprogramming or rewiring. Staff members can administer adds and changes online, including real-time dialing plan changes.

>  Calling options available to meet your needs. Ravon VoIP offers a range of choices such as unlimited pricing, metered pricing and tiered pricing.

>  Use your existing Key or PBX equipment: Ravon's VoIP products offer a range of choices - they can interface with an existing PBX or Key System or provide hosted and managed solutions, as well as ones that deliver an end-to-end solution.  Choose the product that matches your needs.

>  Reduced costs for mobile employees: Remote users can access the network as if they were on-net and avoid incurring call charges on a residential or hotel phone bill.


What is VoIP?

VoIP (voice over Internet Protocol or IP) is a technology that enables voice communications over the Internet through the compression of voice into data packets that can be efficiently transmitted over data networks and then converted back into voice at the other end. Data networks, such as the Internet or local area networks (LANs), have always utilized packet-switched technology to transmit information between two communicating terminals (for example, a PC downloading a page from a web server, or one computer sending an e-mail message to another computer). The most common protocol used for communicating on these packet-switched networks is Internet protocol, or IP.

VoIP allows for the transmission of voice along with other data over these same packet-switched networks and provides an alternative to traditional telephone networks, which use a fixed electrical path to carry voice signals through a series of switches to a destination.

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