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More and more businesses are turning to the Ravon cloud-based platform for their hosted PBX and VoIP communications needs.  It just makes sense.  This is an attractive option for small and medium-sized businesses since it does not require investment in PBX equipment. Ravon manages the technology while you stay in control.  

Interest is growing among larger enterprises as well, particularly those with geograph-

Ically dispersed locations, since

services are deployed through

the cloud.  Long distance calls

between branch offices are

a thing of the past.

You benefit from:

Much lower costs.  We’re not just talking about a point or two here.  Most Ravon customers realize savings of 50% across the board.

Hosted PBX flexibility.  Converged voice and data with flexible plans covering local and long distance calling and toll-free numbers.  Ravon doesn’t dictate who your data provider is, you’re free to work with whomever you choose.

Scalability.  Add capacity quickly, on demand and in any increment.    Bring a single extension online without worrying that you'll have to add a whole new block of trunk circuits.  Add new locations to your network easily and seamlessly.

Technology that’s never out of date.  This is the best technology

available, with proven reliability and unparalleled security.  It's managed

and kept up to date with all the latest features, which are tested and

monitored continuously.  Get access to emerging applications as they

become available without having to worry about installing new

hardware, software or patches.  Ravon puts you in control, empowering

you to select the features and routing options that you need - without the

burden of managing the system.

A long list of powerful virtual PBX features.  Find Me / Follow Me that rings up to 5 numbers either all at once or one at a time, voicemail to email,  to text (transcription), or stored digitally and sent to a PC or mobile phone, advanced features for Contact Centers, multiple-party conferencing and many more.  Click on the following link for a comprehensive list:    Ravon System and User Features

Self-paced migration.  Proceed according to your schedule.  Take advantage of the cost and productivity benefits immediately and move users from your legacy system over time.  Use your existing phones and upgrade when it’s right for you.

The ability to integrate a globally dispersed workforce.  Your people can work anywhere with full-featured service from any location.    Users experience the same complete service and feature access whether they’re located at across the hall from each other, in geographically dispersed offices, remote locations or home.

Seamless implementation.  Ravon provides complete implementation services, from planning and design to operation and optimization.


Advanced Voice Services at a Lower Cost with Ravon Hosted VoIP PBX

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