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Home Solutions Optional Equipment Support Partners Success Stories About Us Contact Us

With Ravon VoIP PBX service, there are a number of phone set and other equipment options available to meet your needs.

The majority of Ravon customers require little or no additional equipment.  One way to get started with no equipment is to use your PC and install a free Ravon Softphone.

Softphone Support

A softphone is a program or application for a general purpose computer used to make tel-ephone calls over the internet.  Most softphone applications are designed to behave just like a traditional telephone, and normally display on the computer screen as a phone with a dial pad and display, a call/hang-up button, hold, mute, and other basic functions similar to a typical telephone.  Specific requirements for a softphone include:

Ravon uses SIP technology to enable softphone capabilities for all of its Hosted customers.  For each User/Extension account purchased, a free softphone account is setup that follows the configurations of the specific User/Extension.  

Analog Phone Support

Depending on the solution selected, you can continue to use your PBX, Key System or Analog phones.  To do so, Ravon will provide you with an Integrated Access Device (IAD)  that converts analog phone signal to a VoIP platform.  

VoIP Phones and Headsets

Ravon also offers a complete line of best-in-breed digital VoIP phones from Polycom.  Click here to view a complete list of models .  

Optional Equipment
Cisco IAD2430