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Manage your Virtual PBX online with the Ravon PBX Manager

As a Ravon customer, you are provided with a Ravon PBX Manager web portal that allows you to manage your account, configure your virtual phone system, monitor call activity, generate reports and more.

From the intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard, you can click your way through your profile, add mission critical monitoring functions to your display and quickly act on real time settings.  It provides complete management capabilities for your PBX.

My Account.  Manage your profile, check your voicemail and faxes, and manage a long list of system features-select users for recorded calls, edit E911 settings, check users extensions, enable or disable features, even monitor the status of the server hosting your system.   

Configure.  Update the software on your PBX, check SIP assignments and IP addresses, upload and manage phonebooks, enter fax cover letter templates and insert custom images, monitor and manage E911 locations, create and manage phone assignments, ringtones, IP addresses and phone inventories, configure phone numbers,  dial codes, extensions and shortcuts , set up and monitor users and user groups, create, list and manage queues, conferences , caller menus.

Reports.  Select from a long list of report types, customize report layouts and apply filters.

Real-Time Monitor.   View  calls  in  progress,   queues,   users,   agents,   recorded calls,   etc   -  all   the   advanced   features   you need   to   improve   your   people’s performance and manage your organization’s communications, from small businesses to large, from simple phone use to complex call centers.