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Take immediate advantage of the benefits of a VoIP solution while continuing to get the most out of your existing PBX or key system investment.

Ravon SIP Trunking service allows businesses with IP or legacy PBXs to extend the benefits of Voice over IP (VoIP) convergence from their LAN to the WAN and the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN).  It helps to increase network efficiencies and cost-savings by converging voice and data traffic on your WAN, and retains all the features and services of your existing TDM connections.  

Instead of doubling up on the costs of

supporting two independent communications

networks, dealing with two separate service

providers and managing two different

technologies, Ravon consolidates the voice

traffic from your PBX and the data traffic

from your router using an Integrated Access

Device (IAD).   High-quality digitized voice

communications are then handled by the Internet

along with your data.  In addition, Ravon SIP Trunking

service can meet the needs of businesses with multiple locations, allowing you to connect over the same VoIP trunk while maintaining local telephone numbers, calling plans, and 911 services.

Ravon SIP Trunking

>  Is a scalable and affordable alternative to traditional dial-tone offering local, long   distance, toll-free and international calling at incredibly low rates.

>  Can be delivered one line at a time in a pay-as-you-grow model to maximize the communications budget for organizations of any size.

>  Is designed for organizations with an existing phone system in place that uses traditional phone services such as T1/PRI or Analog lines.   With Ravon SIP Trunking, all voice services are delivered over your existing broadband connection.

Legacy approach to voice and data - two separate networks, two separate bills.

Ravon converged voice and data streamlines your

network and  costs, and allows you to reach locations worldwide.

SIP Trunking