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Hosted Phone Systems and VoIP Services
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Home Solutions Optional Equipment Support Partners Success Stories About Us Contact Us

Communicate on your own terms

Ravon brings you industry-leading digital VoIP business solutions that leverage existing high-speed Internet connections to deliver converged voice and data, advanced calling features and Hi-Def quality phone service at a fraction of the cost of traditional alternatives.  The service scales up and down, smoothly and seamlessly, delivering exactly what you need, on demand, for all sizes of business.

Ravon provides you with multiple benefits that provide your organization with a competitive edge:  

>  Low cost queues allow you to establish call patterns that follow workflow routines.

>  Extend customer service hours by routing calls to different time zones.

>  Establish priority treatment for your top tier customers.

>  Route calls to skilled employees.

>  Provide workers at home with the full power of your office communications network.

>  Save on real estate costs by allowing customer service workers to connect from home.

>  Hire remote employees in regions with attractive labor rates.

>  Link offices across the country, or across the world on the same IP PBX

>  Simplified dialing and presence detection between locations.

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Hosted Phone Systems and VoIP Services

SALES  1-866-RAVON-76