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Leading edge technology and support come together to deliver performance boosting service

Catholic United Financial Credit Union faced a challenge not uncommon to small business and organizations in that they really don't have a large number of users, but those they do have require some very sophisticated features to implement the kind of service and improvements they needed. Often in situations like this, unless there are hundreds of users to justify the upgrade, the features can drive the cost of the solution over the top.  The network was also distributed across two different locations, and it was critical that calls be handled with the same level of professionalism and efficiency, regardless  of how they are queued and routed.

"Our members like what they hear and appreciate how their concerns are handled," notes Terri Maloney, President of Catholic United Financial Credit Union.  "The technology helps our people project a more professional image."  

Fortunately, Ravon Hosted VoIP services scale down and deliver big network PBX features at low prices.  Ravon was not only the lowest priced solution, but their team was the most proactive, responsive and quick to follow up.

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Contact Center in the hospitality industry handles calls more efficiently while cutting bills by 50%

This company markets tourism on the Internet to a south Florida destination, appealing to snowbirds in the northern states. They receive a lot of inbound phone calls from the search marketing they do on the Web and commercials on the radio. “We were driving a lot of phone traffic and spending thousands of dollars each month with the local phone company until I learned about VoIP from a Ravon sales representative", recalls Monica, the company’s IT Director.

“Implementation  was  smooth and  we were hooked up in no time.  We adopted the

VoIP platform and configured the right number of phone lines and extensions. We were not only able to  enhance the call service quality, but also cut our phone bill in half.”

Financial Services  company virtualizes their network  and brings remote agents into the fold

A financial services agency in Nashville with five branch locations throughout Tennessee saw a way to use VoIP to lower our phone bills and have our agents work and communicate more efficiently.  “After researching Ravon and other VoIP companies,” notes Ted, the General Manager, “I decided to give them a try with 3 phones in 3 different branches. We ended up using them every chance we had, and they worked just like they said they would.

The company soon ordered an additional 10 phones and started porting numbers over to Ravon. They now have about 20 phones and 10 virtual numbers. Ravon allowed us to act as one office. No matter where an agent was working, clients could be transferred to them. It’s a great feeling to have a multi-location IP PBX phone system at a great price that runs like a clock."

Construction Company harnesses Ravon on-demand VoIP solution to rise above rapid growth challenges

A construction company based in Minneapolis landed a few big contracts and needed to grow from eight to sixteen people in two locations -- fast.  Ed, the company’s owner, contacted Ravon.  “Being new to VoIP, I had numerous questions. Ravon's  service techs were wonderful. They educated me without trying to sell.

"They spent a lot of time helping us figure things out and setting up the right IP phone service.  We were up on the new platform in no time.  It was easy.  Ravon is one of the best business decisions  I’ve ever made. "

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